All Purpose Cassava Flour 500 g
Tiana All Purpose Cassava Flour 500g TIANA All-Purpose Cassava Flour Gluten Free Flour 500g. This in..
Almond Flour - EU Organic 500 g
Brown Rice Flour GF Organic 120g (6 pack)
Doves Farm Brown Rice Flour GF Organic 120g: Milled from whole rice grains, this brown rice flour ha..
Brown Teff Flour 1000g
Tobia Teff Brown Teff Flour 1000g: Teff can be used as a substitute for any flour in pastas, breads,..
Buckwheat Flour (non GF) 1000g (5 pack)
Doves Farm-Buckwheat Flour (non GF) (1000g):Common buckwheat (fagopyrum esculentum) was domesticated..
Canadian V Strong White Flour 1500g
Made from 100% Canadian wheat, a very high protein for bread, rolls and pasta. Suitable for bread ..
Canadian V Strong Wholem Flour 1500g
Made from 100% Canadian wheat. A stoneground wholemeal flour...
Chickpea Flour GF Organic 120g (6 pack)
Doves Farm Chickpea Flour GF Organic 120g:Pale yellow in colour, this finely milled flour has a mild..
Coconut Flour 250g
Coconut flour can replace up to 20% of the flour called for in a recipe, adding an equivalent amount..
Coconut Flour 500g
Coconut Merchant Coconut Flour 500g SOURCED FROM: Sri Lanka QUALITIES: 100% Coconut ..
Corn Flour, Organic GF 110g
Doves Farm Corn Flour, Organic GF 110g: Our Gluten Free, Organic Cornflour is great for thickening s..
Finest Plain Flour 1500g
All-purpose for pastry, biscuits and sauces..
Finest Self Raising Flour 1500g
W H Marriage-Finest Self Raising Flour (1500g)Blended from a selection of softer wheats and top qual..
Finest Strong White Flour 1500g
A high protein flour for bread, rolls, pizza bases and puff pastry ..
G/F All Purpose Baking Flour 600g
Bobs Red Mill -G/F All Purpose Baking Flour (600g)Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour is just the ..
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