All Purpose Cassava Flour 500 g
Tiana All Purpose Cassava Flour 500g TIANA All-Purpose Cassava Flour Gluten Free Flour 500g. This in..
Almond Flour - EU Organic 500 g
Brown Rice Flour GF Organic 120g (6 pack)
Doves Farm Brown Rice Flour GF Organic 120g: Milled from whole rice grains, this brown rice flour ha..
Brown Teff Flour 1000g
Tobia Teff Brown Teff Flour 1000g: Teff can be used as a substitute for any flour in pastas, breads,..
Buckwheat Flour (non GF) 1000g (5 pack)
Doves Farm-Buckwheat Flour (non GF) (1000g):Common buckwheat (fagopyrum esculentum) was domesticated..
Canadian V Strong White Flour 1500g
Made from 100% Canadian wheat, a very high protein for bread, rolls and pasta. Suitable for bread ..
Canadian V Strong Wholem Flour 1500g
Made from 100% Canadian wheat. A stoneground wholemeal flour...
Chickpea Flour GF Organic 120g (6 pack)
Doves Farm Chickpea Flour GF Organic 120g:Pale yellow in colour, this finely milled flour has a mild..
Coconut Flour 250g
Coconut flour can replace up to 20% of the flour called for in a recipe, adding an equivalent amount..
Coconut Flour 500g
Coconut Merchant Coconut Flour 500g SOURCED FROM: Sri Lanka QUALITIES: 100% Coconut ..
Corn Flour, Organic GF 110g
Doves Farm Corn Flour, Organic GF 110g: Our Gluten Free, Organic Cornflour is great for thickening s..
Emmer Flour Wholemeal 1kg (5 pack)
Organic Emmer Wholemeal Flour 1kg This delicious artisan flour is milled from whole Emmer wheat gra..
Finest Plain Flour 1500g
All-purpose for pastry, biscuits and sauces..
Finest Self Raising Flour 1500g
W H Marriage-Finest Self Raising Flour (1500g)Blended from a selection of softer wheats and top qual..
Finest Strong White Flour 1500g
A high protein flour for bread, rolls, pizza bases and puff pastry ..
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