Apple & Blueberry Dessert (4+)
HiPP Organic Stage 1 From 4 Months Apple and Blueberry Desser Rice and chicken simmered with squash,..
Banana & Rice Pudding (4+)
HiPP Organic Stage 1 From 4 Months Banana and Rice Pudding Smooth blend of bananas, apple juice and ..
Cheesy Spinach & Potato Bake (4+)
Spinach cooked with milk, rice, potato & cheese. Our finest organic ingredients are picked at the pe..
First Infant Milk 900g
Nanny-Nanny Goat Milk Nutrition (900g) Nutritionally, goat milk has certain physical properties, in ..
Goat Growing Up Milk 400g
Nanny-Goat Growing Up Milk (400g) Significant nutritional benefits over cow's milk and also standard..
Good Night Milk
Hipp - Goodnight Milk Drink (350g)This specially formulated blend of high quality organic follow on ..
Growing up milk 900g
A fortified goat milk drink, suitable from 12 months onwards. To be used as part of a normal, varied..
Organic Apple and Pear Pudding-Milk Free
Organic Apple and Pear Pudding-Milk Free..
Organic First Infant Milk
Hipp - First Infant Milk (800g)Inspired by the benefits of nature, it is specially formulated using ..
Organic Follow On Milk
Hipp - Follow on Milk (800g)An ideal complement to the weaning diet from 6 months onwards when movin..
Organic Hungry Infant Milk
Hipp - Second Infant Milk (800g)A nutritionally complete, casein based, gentle infant milk and is su..
Penne Tomato & Courgette (6+)
Vegetables* (54%) [Tomatoes* (24%), Courgettes* (15%), Carrots*], Cooked Pasta* ( Durum Wheat *) (19..
Stage 2 Follow On Formula 900g
A goat milk based formula designed to complement the weaning diet from 6 months. It should be used a..
Sweet Pot  Cauli  Swcorn Bake 130 g
Hipp Sweet Pot Cauli Swcorn Bake 130 g Mixed vegetables, potatoes and rice cooked with milk. Made wi..
Vegetable Rice & Chicken (4+)
Organic Vegetables with Rice & Chicken - 125g: HiPP Organic is the biggest selling Babyfood brand in..
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